Sunday, 22 March 2015

Strange is the best in you

I'm not you. And i don't understand you,the strange in you.
You are undescribable. And i can't describe what kind of emotions that i had feel.
The only thing that i know is all your words always ruined my mood. Sometimes from badmood into the good one,more opposite.
Someday i've been thinking that you know me more than my self. But no. You never know me even i'm just like an open book for you.
And i'm not you who always care about your surrounding.
The only one who know me is my self. And the only one who know you better is you.
We're not some romantically lyrics that suit with the chord. We're not fairytales story about princess find her own prince with no drama and always happily ever after.
And i'm not you. I don't understand you, the man who met me by the conspiration of the universe.

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